• II BOND Flyash is sourced from state of art thermal power plants – quality tested and packed as per requirements.
  • We are supplying quality assured classified and non-classified flyash in accordance to the international standards like ASTM C 618, BS En 450 Category N and BS 3892 Part1.
  • Chemically Flyash is a pozzolan when mixed with lime, it combines to form cementitious compound.

Important Characteristics & Advantages of “FLYASH”

  • Concrete containing Flyash becomes stronger, more durable and more resistant to chemical attack.
  • Mechanically flyash particles are small, they effectively fill voids. Because of its hardness and roundness, it creates a “ball bearing” effect that allows concrete to be produced using less water. Both characteristics contribute to enhanced concrete workability and durability.
  • Flyash use creates significant benefits for our environment. Flyash use conserves natural resources and avoids landfill disposal of ash products.
  • Furthermore Flyash use partially displaces production of other concrete ingredients, resulting in significant energy savings, reduces fast consumption of natural resources and reduction in greenhouse gas emission.

Specifications: Detail Specs Will Be Given In PDS And Will Be Provided Only On Request Through E-Mail.

Packing Options
1. 1.4 MT Jumbo Bags
2. Jungle Wood Pallets
3. Pine Wood Pallets

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