Paper Grade Bentonite

BENAFLOC® is specially designed for paper industry as retention systems & contaminant control additive. The effective ingredient of BENAFLOC® is an aluminium-hydro-silicate clay mineral (montmorillonite). BENAFLOC® is having high ion-exchange-capacity and extremely high active surface area in aqueous dispersions. These unique properties of the material make BENAFLOC® the most suitable product for adsorption, flocculation and dewatering applications.


Important Characteristics & Advantages of “BENAFLOC®”
  • High levels of retention of fines due to its high specific surface
  • The reduction of contaminant levels in the water
  • Reduction of deposits in paper machines
  • Reduction of sheet holes and staining
  • Reduction in frequency of machine downtimes
  • Improvement of production quality
  • Improvement in wastewater solids and COD
  • Micronized / ultrafine product
  • Very good adsorption properties for tacky substances
  • Significant reduction of pitch, microstickies and potential stickies
  • Very high active surface area
  • Good flocculation properties
  • Increases runnability of the paper machine

Specifications: Detail Specs Will Be Given In PDS And Will Be Provided Only On Request Through E-Mail.

Packing Options
1. 25 KG Paper Bags
2. 25 KG HDPE Bags
3. 50 KG HDPE Bags
4. 1 MT Jumbo Bags
5. 1.2 MT Jumbo Bags
6. 1.25 MT Jumbo Bags
7. Jungle Wood Pallets
8. Pine Wood Pallets

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