High Yield Bentonite

BENAGEL®-HIGH is an easy mixing, high viscosity 200 bbl yield freshwater drilling fluid produced from the highest grade sodium bentonite. BENAGEL®-HIGH has a Higher Performance formula that makes it very effective. This premium grade beneficiated Bentonite is designed for use in mineral exploration, water well and directional drilling operations. BENAGEL®-HIGH is an efficient viscosifier that performs well in a variety of water qualities and successfully reduces application rates, mixes easily and quickly. BENAGEL®-HIGH does not contain any fermentable product and is environmentally acceptable.


  • Pilling & Boring
  • Diaphragm Cut off Wall
  • Slurry Coating In Tunneling
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling
  • Pipe Jacking
  • Drilling Muds

Important Characteristics & Advantages of “BENAGEL®-HIGH”
  • 220 to 235 barrel yield
  • Mixes rapidly for fast hydration
  • Carries cuttings in mud with lower solids content
  • Enhances fluid loss characteristics; reduces seeping into permeable formations
  • Cools and lubricates bit
  • Highly concentrated for maximum yield
  • Excellent Plasticity & Viscosity
  • Low Filtrate Loss
  • Enlarged Surface Area
  • Advance Lubrication
  • Assists in bore hole stabilization
  • Helps eliminate loss circulation conditions

Specifications: Detail Specs Will Be Given In PDS And Will Be Provided Only On Request Through E-Mail.

Recommended Treatment: Mixing ratios are based on 200 bbl yield material using freshwater. Level of water purity will affect bentonite performance. Prior to mixing, acidic and hard water should be treated with soda ash to a pH of 8.5-9.5. For best results, add BENAGEL®-HIGH slowly through a jet/hopper mixer.

BENGEL HIGH mixing ratios in pounds per 100 gallons of water
Normal Conditions 15-25 lbs
Sand and Gravel 25-35 lbs
Fluid Loss Control 34-40 lbs
Packing Options
1. 25 KG Paper Bags
2. 25 KG HDPE Bags
3. 50 KG HDPE Bags
4. 1 MT Jumbo Bags
5. 1.2 MT Jumbo Bags
6. 1.25 MT Jumbo Bags
7. Jungle Wood Pallets
8. Pine Wood Pallets

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